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About School of Humanities

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School of humanities was established in July 2001. It was merged by department of Chinese, department of history and department of journalism from former colleges and schools. In 2003, department of secretarial science was added to it. And in 2004, in order to set up the school of journalism, department of journalism was dissociated from it. The history of school of humanities can be traced to as early as 1953, with nearly 60 years of school history and excellent education traditions, tens of thousands of students were graduated from it.
The school of humanities consists of three departments, namely department of Chinese literature, department of history, and department of secretarial science. It has three primary discipline master programs in Chinese languages and literature, Chinese history, and drama and film studies (jointly run with the School of Journalism). In addition, it offers two full-time professional degrees in EdM: Subject education (Chinese) and Chinese international education. And there are four undergraduate majors: Chinese languages and literature, teaching of Chinese as a foreign language, history studies, and secretarial science. The enrolment of postgraduates and undergraduates has reached to nearly 1,900 now.
The school of humanities has a teaching staff of 89, among whom 72 are full-time teachers. And among full-time teachers, there are 18 professors and 38 associate professors, and 47 of them are doctoral and post-doctoral degree holders. 1 with the State Council special allowance, 1 ¡°National Outstanding Teacher¡±, 4 ¡°Guangdong Province Nanyue Outstanding Teachers¡±, 1 ¡°Guangzhou Outstanding Philosophical and Social Scientist¡±, 2 ¡°Guangzhou Outstanding Specialists¡±, 1 awarded with ¡°One of 100 Excellent Doctoral Dissertations Nation-wide¡±, 2 crowned as ¡°Guangdong ¡®ten-hundred-thousand¡¯ Project Provincial Talents¡±, and 1 ¡°Guangzhou University Distinguished Teacher¡±.
The school of humanities attaches great importance to discipline construction and education reform, and has made remarkable achievements. Languages and literature of China is listed as key disciplines of Guangzhou, and Chinese Languages and Literature is listed as one of distinguished major in Guangzhou. In addition, the school has a Chinese folk culture research centre, which belongs to universities and colleges¡¯ research bases of humanities and social sciences in provincial level; and other two in civic level: Guangzhou humanities and history research base, the thirteen-hong research centre.
The school of humanities has great research strength. According to incomplete statistics in recent five years, it presided over nearly 20 state-level projects, and more than 50 provincial and ministerial projects. It has published more than 500 academic articles in China Social Science, Literary Criticism, Literary Heritage, Literature and History, Literary Studies, Chinese Language and other authoritative publications, core journals, and nearly 100 monographs, and has obtained more than 20 provincial and municipal government awards. In addition, the School of Humanities attaches great importance to international exchanges and cooperation. It have established a good working relationship with overseas universities and institutions from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore and other countries and regions. In recent years it held a number of large-scale international conferences, and sent the first dean to the Confucius Institute which was organized jointly by Guangzhou University and University of Padova, Italy.
During the National 12th Five-Year Plan, the school of humanities will continue to make efforts to construct the faculty, and accelerate the pace of discipline development, as to further enhance the educational strength and school level, and strive to succeed in applying primary discipline doctoral programs.

¡¤ About School of Humanities
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